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International Travel Will Never Be The Same Again

International Travel Will Never Be The Same Again but the Song Remain the Same.

Tourism is among the industries that have been hit hardest by the COVID-19 crisis. This is a grave concern for developing economies like ours as they chart a course towards recovery.

Driven by both public and private sectors, not only is tourism a vital source of foreign currency, it has the potential to serve as a development ‘tool’ to strengthen supply chains, improve local firm productivity, and create jobs.

Many hotels even in big metropolitan cities throughout the globe have been shut down for good. Have we hit rock bottom? Have we reached the dydx equal zero point? I think not.

What does it take to make a comeback?

First, improve traveler confidence; second, understand and track new market trends and the drivers of demand, and third, commit to building more resilient and inclusive tourism sectors, leveraging renewed interest in sustainability.

However, the hostile international travel SOP is still a huge deterrent for casual travelers. Who wants to be confined for days doing nothing. Looking ahead, international travel will look different. Coronavirus will remain a health concern. We've had increasing deaths throughout 2021 despite the drop in new cases. We are not out of the woods yet. It will be an interesting next twenty-four months. I say that with guarded optimism. Sometimes we can take that walk in the woods and come out taller than trees. I have that rotten feeling that my passport will remain superfluous.

After 911 international travel has transformed and with coronavirus, the mindless SOP makes international travel hellish.

With reduced international travel from both tourism and business, the hotel industry will shrink. The bumper years of international travels in the past will never be replicated. Just like our virgin forest, it will continue to diminish by the day.

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