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The Best Investment You'll Ever Made

The best investment you can make is always in yourself, simply because it pays the best dividends. It will not only transform your life, it will also benefit the lives of those around you. You'll never be impoverished because of it.

However, the lack of self-confidence is one of many reasons so many people feel insecure and prefer to hibernate within their comfort zone. Having self doubt might lead you to think whether it is worthwhile to invest the time and money in yourself.

Here, you need to take a baby step forward to gain confidence. Find the simple path first to experience quick wins. It should help to boost your confidence in the early stage. The more you allow yourself to move out of your comfort zone, the more motivated you become to pursue your journey of personal growth and development.

Once you start your new journey, your relationship with people will improve and they can be your support system to help you become more confident with yourself. They might motivate you and offer advice to help you in your personal advancement. You need all the help you can get.

How to invest in yourself?

I would focus on education, self-development, new skills and health. You'll never go wrong if you further improve in all these things. It will add tremendous value to your personal self. This can continue throughout your entire life. The outcome of this endeavor will spill over to everyone around you. It is contagious, and it is definitely airborne. It will infect the surrounding people, as they see the tremendous improvement right before their eyes.

Improving yourself will not be easy, but it will be worth it. If you improve by one percent every day within a year, you will have improved by three hundred sixty-five percent. How great is that? Let the improvement of yourself make you so busy to serve others that need help and transform you into a useful human being. The key to your financial happiness lies in the constant progress and growth of your self development. You can make the world better for others by becoming a better version of yourself.

The internet has given us unlimited access to all the knowledge you could think of. I have certainly learned so much from the world wide web. I am going to share with you several ways you can invest in yourself by going online.

Ebooks and Audio Books

There are so many free things on the internet, it is a great education platform. The internet can provide you with tremendous resources. Google, YouTube and Amazon books got a vast range of contents you can indulge in. Google and Amazon have an immense collection of ebooks and audiobooks. You'll never run out of reading materials ever. Warren Buffett once said: "Read 500 pages like this every day. That's how knowledge works. It builds up, like compound interest".

The web is an immense library of knowledge. You can get any kind of book from it. You can read tons of books free with Amazon prime if you have it.

We spend way too much time on social media but if we can re-engineer our approach where we avoid the bad stuff that feeds the brain by following social media accounts that give personal growth tips, financial advice and other things that add and expand our knowledge it will become more productive.

Free online Courses

On YouTube you can find so many free courses to learn from. I had one of my three seat leather sofas torn. I thought if I could repair it myself I don't have to purchase a new one. Apart from saving money, it is good for the environment to preserve rather than dispose. It will end up in a landfill and pollute. Rather than be part of the problem, better be the solution. I search over on YouTube and follow a course on how to repair leather. I am fully satisfied with the outcome of my sofa that I repair myself. I have also learned how to cook on YouTube. Now my family enjoys my home cook meal which is healthy and halal. Perhaps one day I will have my cookbook and YouTube channel on cooking. These are some examples of the new skills I have gained from the world wide web.

These new skills that I have recently learned not only help me save money, it benefits other people and the environment as well. Invest in yourself brings a set of benefits that can enhance your personal growth and your financial future.

Personal Growth

Personal growth occurs when you expose yourself to new concepts. Growth happens when you seek for new knowledge you can get it from books, webinars, knowledge workshops like skillshop with Google. You learn new skills from the likes of ecwid, shopify, Etsy to start your own online stores or learn to build websites with Wix and WordPress.

There are several online courses available or even online virtual universities like Udemy that you can sign up with, from the education perspective.

The best thing about learning new subject and skills is that nobody can take them away from you once you have mastered it.

Make this investment in your future a top priority, as it will enrich you in ways that you never thought possible. It will ensure and chart your path towards a meaningful life.

Invest in your health

Money can't buy good health. We take our good health for granted, we only know how valuable and precious our health is until we get sick. We can see during the pandemic millions perished from it. All the money you have means nothing when you don't have good health.

Steve Jobs the founder of Apple said this on his deathbed: "At this moment, lying on the bed sick and remembering all my life, I realized that all my recognition and wealth that I have is meaningless in the face of imminent death. You can hire someone to drive a car for you, make money for you but you cannot rent someone to carry the disease for you."

Whatever you do in life, remember how important your health is. You should always strive to take the best care of yourself that you can. You can start by gradually making a better choice of meals you consume. Avoid alcohol, drugs, junk food, fast food and snacks in between meals.

Home Cooking For Better Health

Start learning to cook healthy food. Home cook is the best. There are so many YouTube channels you can learn from. It is just a matter of whether you want to. Cooking has been a great therapy for me you will get the quick win you seek for. I derived a tremendous amount of pleasure from seeing my family and friends enjoying my dish. It so satisfying to know they enjoyed it. This is also a great way to serve others by using your cooking skills you learn from ebooks and YouTube videos.

Exercise Regularly

Each of us has a different body composition. You don't have to work out vigorously to the point of exhaustion. Find a workout that elevates your heart rate as much as you are comfortable. In this way, movement becomes medicine.

I am not too fond of the gym. I prefer to exercise outdoors. I like to golf with my usual suspects over the weekend. The five hours of walking is more than the ten thousand steps a day that I try to achieve every day. You should get a smart watch to monitor your movement and heart rate. I also like to cycle with my family and friends. I enjoy the early morning breeze that comes with it. I find it absolutely refreshing. Another great workout is swimming. It helps me tremendously with my breathing.

Good Health Enhance Your Finances

Taking care of your health should be your priority among others in your investment portfolio. Physical fitness and longevity are the quintessential ingredients in living a happy and active life. Investing in your good health is probably the most rewarding investment you can make. You need to be disciplined and consistent. This is a perpetual investment throughout your life span.

Having poor health can make you depressed and weak. Besides that, having a medical condition like diabetes where you require insulin and all kinds of medicine to control your high blood sugar can wipe out all your savings and assets. The rising health care costs triggered by the pandemic make healthcare costs such as medicine, doctor's visits, especially hospitalization are expensive that an average person without proper insurance will not afford.

Experiencing a heart attack is frightening. It can take almost a year just to recover, if you are fortunate enough to survive it. But the hospital bills that come with it will kill you, as it is even scarier than the illness itself.

If you want to mitigate your risk factors for various chronic and severe medical conditions, it is best that you invest the time to maintain your good health and adopt a healthy lifestyle and eat clean.

Unhealthy habits will cost you dearly, as it will result in a negative impact on your health in the coming years. The causes of diseases may vary, but a healthy diet and active lifestyle play a big factor towards improving health status. Having good health would definitely boost the state of your immune system. With a reliable immune system your body can fight it's own battle like coronavirus and win. Investment in your health is a no brainer failing which it will cost you an arm and a leg, literally.

Good health is a confidence booster and puts you in a good spirit. You will be more productive and happier. Poor health will lead to emotional and physical pain. Anyone having severe illness cannot think normally, as the pain inflicted is excruciating. If you have liver cirrhosis you will feel as if one thousand swords are sticking on your back. How can you think straight whilst enduring such pain no human can handle it without being given morphine just to reduce the rate of pain to a more tolerable level. My advice is to take care of your health before it's too late.

When you invest in your health, the dividends are intangible and lasting. I heard of anyone complaining about having a long and healthy life.

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