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The Significance of Charity & Personal Virtues in Our Life

Charity is the act of extending kindness to others unconditionally without expecting a reward. Charity sees the need not the cause. The benefits of charity are immense for the giver and even higher than the beneficiary itself. However, the benefit to the donor is intangible and not pecuniary. Helping others creates feelings of peace, selflessness, and purpose. These feelings translate into a more meaningful and fulfilled life. When people encounter this feeling, they’re more likely to continue giving. Although you don’t benefit financially, the measure of generosity makes you feel more financially stable because you can see so many people are going through such hardship and suffering more than you.

We should make charity our financial priority no matter the amount. Size of the donation does not matter when we sincerely give to the less fortunate than us. We can derive higher levels of health and happiness, even increased prosperity from our charitable contribution.

The practice of voluntary giving shapes the way we see wealth, poverty and personal obligations toward those in need. Helping others feels good and it would improve your emotional wellbeing. If you are not in a position to assist financially but looking for other ways to give back, consider volunteering your time for a good cause instead. You will meet new, like-minded people, learn new skills to enrich your personal growth.

Life is so distracting and it can frequently make you forget to show your gratitude for all that you have gained in life. The act of donating to the less affluent is a way to express our feelings of gratitude. This selfless giving serves to support many hard done people within our community. Helping others that are in difficulty is a selfless act. There’s no financial return. I believe it will not make you poorer but make you kinder. This act of generosity, for its own sake, builds a more compassionate, community focused world. It can have a spillover effect and inspire others around us, like our family and friends, to enlist in our charitable endeavors.

Everyone has problems, troubles and griefs of some sort in life but charity starts with those who learn to suppress their own adversity, in order to extend compassion, kindness and love to others. We have to set aside our own pains to relieve the suffering for others.

We can observe rising racial discrimination all over the world. It arises from historical developments and systematic political racism in which many gullible people become victims in cycles of poverty. Often, racial minorities are part of a country’s most susceptible communities. Charities help promote racial tolerance by helping the racial minorities that have suffered the outcome of deliberate adversity.

Problems like contaminated water can lead to disease and death for hundreds of thousands of people every year. When people aren’t healthy, it affects every aspect of their life and fuels poverty. Charities that concentrate on health through vaccine programs, clean water and racial equality allow communities to improve their lives and make this planet a better place for everybody. We shouldn’t be so self absorbed and only think of our own desires. We need to empathize with others that are worse off than us. Caring for others that are not so fortunate will make us appreciate life and become more grateful.

How does all this help our financial wellbeing when we ourselves are in a bad financial shape? Some of our financial predicaments are self-inflicted. Think of how much money we have squandered over the years. Look at our lifestyle and excesses that we indulged in. When you get yourself involved as a volunteer in a charity organization you will have no time to spare for impulse spending prompted by many online stores that deliberately had targeted you. You will be away from your mobile phone and laptops. This will help save an incredible sum of money for you. How about the food that you wasted over the years? Once you see real poverty before your eyes, you will avoid wasting food and think twice before buying that expensive latte frequently to gratify yourself. You will become less vain and narcissistic, which renders you less visit to the hairdresser to highlight your hair and sample expensive hair treatment.

Your involvement in charity and community service will reconstruct your destructive habits and cut back on all that excess that has been rapidly rising over the years. You don’t need to awe others with expensive branded goods just to feel good. You will feel better in getting yourself associated with a charity organization. It is more worthwhile and satisfying. You will end up having surplus instead of deficit at the end of the month because of all the reductions you have made.

Personal Virtues In Business And Finance

It is essential to have a code of ethics in both business and finance. We must strive to live up to those principles every day. Personal virtues are a behavior that shows high moral standards. Doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong. Virtues are important because they are the underlying qualities necessary for our wellbeing and happiness. Typical standards found in a code of ethics in finance include;

Act with honesty and integrity.

Provide people with accurate, objective, understandable information.

Act with good faith and independent judgement.

Never share confidential information or use it for personal gain.

In your pursuit to establish your business, it is indispensable to incorporate all these personal virtues to build your reputation and customer trust in your products and services. It will lead to a better and more fulfilling relationship with both customers and suppliers.

All you have in business is your reputation. Protecting your business reputation is an ongoing process. Your brand name is only as good as your reputation. Excellent reviews of your products and services in the realm of ecommerce online business is compelling. You cannot sell anything without it.

You should discern that your personal virtues do not make you better than anyone else. The virtues of a man simply define who he will become as he grows mentally and spiritually. They are about realizing the true potential of your own self. According to Aristotle, ‘Moral excellence comes about because of habit. We become just by doing just acts, temperate by doing temperate acts, brave by doing brave acts. ‘

Essential habits of the financially stable people are to strive for excellence in pursuit of virtuous deeds such as kindness, honesty, empathy, forgiveness and gratitude. These virtues will lead to happiness and a good life.

Personal Virtues Improves Relationships

The state of our relationships with our family and friends determines our happiness. Constant reinforcement of our relationships is vital. What’s taken for granted will someday fade away. We will be more peaceful if we have deep bonding with our loved ones. Our personal virtue can nurture the quality of our relationships. We must always empathize with those that are intimate with us. Kind, compassion, honesty, and generosity are necessary human virtues that render our positive coexistence with other people. Caring for others is fundamental in building good relationships. We must be sensitive to the emotions of others. A selfless person will naturally be able to earn respect from others. An arrogant and self-absorbed person will turn away people from us. Reputation is imperative in business and our professional career. You need to live by good personal virtue to have an excellent reputation. What’s the point of being wealthy if you can’t experience it with your family and friends!

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